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Homeowners May Find Themselves Underinsured As Hurricane Lane Approaches

Hurricane Lane’s heavy rain and winds have already caused extensive flooding in Hawaii. The Category 3 storm is expected to hit Oahu late Friday.


If the storm makes landfall, it is the first major hurricane to hit the Hawaiian Islands in 26 years. The National Weather Service reports more than 30 inches on rain on Hawaii’s Big Island.


Homeowners may find themselves uninsured. That is because homeowners insurance policies in the islands typically exclude hurricane damage.


Homeowners in Hawaii should prepare themselves by checking the hurricane deductible on their home insurance policy, if it is available. If there is none or not enough coverage, a hurricane policy and a separate flood insurance policy should be purchased to prevent paying thousands of dollars in damages out of pocket.

There are two main providers for flood coverage, one is the federal National Flood Insurance Program or private insurance companies. A government flood policy offers less protection for personal belongings.


Do not wait until last minute to secure your property, flood insurance takes 30 days to take effect.

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